What can we do with PhotoZou?

Communication that begins with "This photo is kinda nice"

Let your photos speak for you. Photozou is a social network with the simple aim of sharing our love of photography. Bring your friends, make new ones, start a discussion about your favorite pieces. Photozou is more than just an online showcase, though. It is our goal to help amateur photographers achieve fame and recognition through special event collaborations and live shows.


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  1. Unlimited photo upload Easy!
  2. Up to you also show it does not show.
  3. Communication that starts from a photo

Unlimited photo upload Easy!

Photos and Videos you took on a wedding.
A picture of a cute cat you took on the roadside.
PhotoZou will support your daily "photo-life". You will find lots of easy ways to have fun with ease here in PhotoZou.

  • You can easily upload photos via WEB and E-mail
  • useful tools such as upload Haruzou, Picasa Plugin Also available
  • Upload unlimited Photo!
  • Easy organization in Albums
  • Travel photo The memories all the way stuck on map