Nickname Jandy
Sex Male
Blood type A
Marriage married
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  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. Today 6:37
    • 20200927朝食 58E5C69E-E943-4D9C-B661-5FC945D7114C
  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. (All 8 photos) Yesterday 22:04
    • 20200926夕食 B9636F16-DE67-4207-8CA3-8B10BE22588F
    • 20200926昼食1 0AAA3DFA-736D-4ACA-8D16-875798CBB686
    • 20200926昼食2 7F4C3A4D-7FB9-4C70-97E5-108F64D10E31
    • 20200925ダイソン1 486C131B-3BFA-47D9-8ED8-CC925F20249F
  2. Jandy
    registered a photo. Yesterday 9:02
    • 20200926朝食 1547A660-2FFD-4DB8-8DC9-6726057FFDAB
  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. 9/25(Fri) 19:56
    • 20200925おやつ 90A9FA4B-B70D-4031-9B08-C43C086CA841
    • 20200925夕食 1CBF9B7C-F6F6-421F-8CAE-836E124A7F3C
  2. Jandy
    registered a photo. (All 6 photos) 9/25(Fri) 11:58
    • 20200925おやつ1 13527C61-8BD7-4B8D-80CE-BB8E425CAA42
    • 20200925おやつ2 579316A9-765A-489B-8943-53B81F64CF35
    • 20200925グラン1 555DE974-B5C9-402E-9ABE-622B7356B853
    • 20200925グラン2 832A86AF-3235-4D92-A63D-23BD32BBA337

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