エリダヌス星系「惑星グロリエ」の美術(新井 寅雄)

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Photos: エリダヌス星系「惑星グロリエ」の美術(新井 寅雄)

Photos: 第95頁 福地信之 バイオロイド前期II型 ジスタ・デュール Photos: 湖川友謙の真の決定稿線画「ムジカ・ノヴァ」01(左斜め/右後方/横顔左)

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▼ 超時空騎団サザンクロス - THE ORIGIN - 【スペシャル・ガイドブック 傑作選画集】on Deviantart (走査取込み実寸PNG) より再録
超時空騎団サザンクロス・スペシャル・ガイドブック 第96頁から第97頁

実験的美術を! 美術監督:「新井 寅夫」(新井 寅雄)
移住先のグロリエだって、秋でも 摂氏 -5度、冬は -40度、逆に夏は +40度という厳しい環境なんです。
Experimental fine arts! by Art director Torao Arai
Since talks are "planet Glorie" other than the earth, terrestrial thinking is not applied.
Even if it makes it natural and uses a building, I am careful at the place away only from the earth. Because it has emigrated to the place away from such earth.
The nature of the earth will be destroyed at the time of this film series.

The "planet Glorie" of a migration place -- autumn degree Celsius-5 ℃ and winter -40 ℃ is environment as severe as +40 ℃ conversely in summer.
Well, it is as my idea that the earth is the best (laughter). More, are they things about the earth, as I am important?

Since a producer's OK is taken if an experimental thing may be done artistically, I would like to take out the portion different from other works.
This is seeing is believing, and if you, televiewers, see, you understand it immediately.
The planet Glorie I increase clouds very.
The state covered with clouds.
I regard that there is the atmosphere as clouds being the points.
I would like to express the cloud.

An Animation Television series does not complete one picture by the ability to only draw well.
When those pictures are connected, it is important what kind of the world is completed.
Since works of the direction is the responsibility for fine arts, it wants to draw what may do its best.
I aim at the fine arts which can employ a performance fee efficiently with a mechas and characters.
Please see.

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